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The Little Red Dress that changed my life...

How do you feel when you wear a little red dress? Red is such a vibrant color and it makes me feel radiant, empowered and know that I am destined for greatness in my little red dress. On December 3, 2016, wearing a little red dress changed everything!

Brunch Time!

I love a good theme and thought doing a Little Red Dress Brunch to kickoff the Christmas season was exactly what was needed for women of color. The brunch was to give a little encouragement, boost self esteem and to be surrounded by successful and motivated women. From spoken word to songs of encouragement, it was AWESOME! It ended with me officially announcing my business, ID23 LLC.

ID23 LLC started as an event management, project management and virtual assistance business. Yes, I had so many things listed of what I was doing. It was pretty much whatever you needed, I got you. It was absolutely too much! At that moment I was really passionate about virtual assistance, but people keep asking me to plan their events. That is when I realized I do not care for the decor portion part but execution, YEP THAT IS ALL ME!

I took a step back and realized I needed to re-evaluate my business. In the midst of that, less than a year later I missed the deadline to complete my annual filing and let the business dissolve. I felt like I needed a whole name change and wanted to do something else. I brainstormed all these words and names, asked a few folks and ended up with just adding Events to the name. I was already using that name for the events area of the business so it was already familiar. In June 2018, ID23 Events LLC was officially formed.

The AHA Moment came. . .

Earlier in the year of 2018, I attended a full day event put on by The Knot and that is when the light bulb came...WEDDINGS! I will focus on weddings! The logo got updated, website...every single thing! Once I changed that focus the weddings began to flow in.

Here we are 4 years later with 5 additional coordinators and our services include Day of Coordination, Movie Screen rentals, Photo Booth and Event Space rentals. We released our first product line in October which are mugs that are for those that love sarcasm, Jesus or need some words of wisdom.

This entrepreneurial journey has definitely been rewarding and a learning experience that will teach lessons for a lifetime. If there is any advice I have for someone interested in entrepreneurship, it would be...Just Start! Changes will happen a long the way and where you start is NEVER where you finish, so enjoy the journey but first you must START!

How it started How it's going

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